Excellent videos. Thank you. This has given me a huge boost in completing my project.

You have taught me a lot.

I have failed the fresher interview and then I found Mitch's channel with MVVM Food Recipe course, he brought me from fresher to lead in 1 year, just a small company but it's a really big step for me! Thank you Mitch! If you want to be a better dev, you are looking for the right one.

Really helpful for learning android

Hi and thank you Mitch! You're literally the best and most complete source of information/tutorial about Android techs after the official documentation. Your courses help me a lot, I also teach android development and your content is great support ! I recommend a 100%. Totally worth the sub.

Thank you !

Thanks buddy!!!

Really good and worth the sub, the last tutorials were even between than the previous ones, i think that your teaching skills has improved and continue to improve, in the hilt tutorial you've used notes + you've spoken a lot to the camera which really helps the students understand you better when you explain difficult topics the theory/logic frontally, and after that you start the coding part.

Best android teacher. I love you man

your helped me a lot thank you

I have to say, the course on Clean Architecture is by far the best I've seen. Well explained, well documented and organized. You can basically become an expert Android developer just by studying and following the principles in this course. Thanks so much Mitch!

I am very happy that found this course. I tried many of Dagger courses but Mitch's is probably the best !!! Thank you a lot !!!

Thank you so much your great work have helped me a lot .

This is absolutely the best place to learn the complex django channels most instructors shy away from. The fact that Mitch gives so much to the community makes me work harder to enable me give back to the community. Honestly, this is where I learnt django channels and all the magic behind the scenes.

Hi there! I'm so happy to find your set of cources here. They are really helpful! In particular the whole mvvm architecture explanations in line with API workflow are just essential for me! thank you so much

I struggled with learning Dagger for so long before stumbling upon your Dagger Series on Youtube. I learnt a lot from it and it has become my go to channel when i need to learn something new.

Thanks to helped me understand all about android programming, i can get job easily. Thank's Mitch

Thanks to his Dagger 2 Course, I have finally learned how to implement it to improve my projects, it's an important concept to add it to my skills and he did an amazing job here compared to other courses that I had watched before, which were expensive and poorly taught.

Mitch has helped me understand Dagger 2. He's given me the best instruction I've ever had and I hope he continues making instructional videos on relevant technology.

Mitch help to learn the dagger 2. I learn Django from him. Thanks a lot. Keep it up. I want to give him more than a 5 ratings.

Oh my god. The first impression i hear your voice from 'audio streaming app' is awesome! Not to mention other courses. Always great thanks Mitch!

I started to watch "Clean Architecture" training video from your website .In my opinion, it is fantastic ! I am so keen to be master to use it and know every aspect of it. I highly recommend the other developers to purchase it ,cause it is really useful and easy to understand


Mitch you are awesome and great teacher, these days i follow you I get what is android exactly. hope the best for you

Mitch has been a wonderful teacher when it came to explaining concepts and providing direction. Not only are his courses useful, it the students he’s taught are just as helpful in his discord channel. Beginners to seniors in android development can always benefit from Mitch! I just recently got into a much better company with a higher role as well and it was all to Mitch! Thank you!!!!

Mitch is great teacher! He really is. He breaks down complex topics/concepts and develops on them progressively, so that his students can understand. Respect from Jamaica

This is the second time I write testimonials. Originally I don't like to do this kind of stuff but your teaching skill changed me to want this. Good job, Good man.

I am a PhD student in software engineering and also an Android developer from Iran. I watched most of free courses and actually they were great!! But when I wanted to watch paid courses, due to sanctions against Iran, it is impossible to pay account prices. So I asked Mitch to open a paid course freely to me and he did!!! Your courses are great and so useful. Thank you Mitch for your generosity!!

Thanks for the great tutorials Mitch!

Thanks Mitch -- Great stuff. I'm a full stack engineer, and was looking to get back into Android dev. Your course material is perfect.

Thanks a lot Mitch. I am now studying the Dagger course and thus I am going to my goal thanks to your courses!

Hey Mitch great work !! Your course helped me to get a job, I subscribed for a month only as I wanted only one course. But will recommend people your courses. Thanks dude

This is the first time that I paid for a course and I have to say it paid off. You have amazing teaching skills. You explain everything without going too much out of context. The course helped me a lot! :)

Thank you, Mitch. All your courses are up to the standard which the IT industry requires to develop the app.

Thanks a lot mitch. I lost my job in this pendamic situation but because of these course i got a new job. Really helped me a lot while submitting the sample codes or during the interview question. Now feel like i am a pro.. :-)

Please don't postpone the contents by saying like "Dont worry.. we will see those things in next video or in future".. Kindly explain those thing in starting itself.. Its really confusing and irritating. You are Helping me though :) Please Try to Avoid those things.

Thank you for your YouTube material on Android dev. You have the ability of explaining complex things in a simple, interesting and easy to understand manner. I wish you further success!

Hi Mitch, With any online course, the common problem with me is that i lose my interest in the middle of the course. But it doesn't happen with your courses. I really love the way you explain difficult things with ease. Thanks man, keep going.

Thank you for your course. It really makes a difference if you weren't there my life would be much harder.

Hi Mitch, I just wanted to say that I have been following you for some time now and I find your courses very very useful and I encourage you to continue with them. In my case, I'm a professional Android dev and I don't think it's worth becoming a member but I'd love to have the chance to see some of your piad courses like the testing related ones. I wonder if you have thought about cases like mine to enable another form of payment and give access to more limited content. In any case, I think you do a very professional job so thank you for all the free content you provide (especially to those who are new to this "wonderful" android world, you know! Regards.


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