I watched Dagger 2.2 course on YouTube. Thank you very much for preparing such a nice tutorial <3

Mitch you're awesome !! Keep going

Here I find professional android explaining with simplicity Thank you Mitch.... Go on

Thanks Mitch for great courses!

Thank you! The course on Dagger is just wonderful! It helped to understand many complex things. I will watch other courses. recommend

Make my android dagger concept crystal clear

The best learning path for android, with amazing content, easy-to-understand lectures and the best-practices required for an android developer. Hands down, the best content on the internet. Here's my engagement Mitch! Thanks for teaching us all this.

Loved you Dagger2+ explanation . Excellent work keep going :-)

The courses helped me to understand android jetpack better and I will definitely use these informations on my projects. Thank you and great job. Also maybe you can share a youtube video about jetpack paging and compose. (if you didn't already talk about)

Really Helpful Videos

World needs more people like Mitch. I have been learning Android development for a few months now and my learning curve got a huge boost when I found him on Youtube. His free videos are worth being premium and undoubtedly, his premium courses are worth every cent. They are aimed right at the goal and rich in content. Put it beside his humble and kind personality and it makes watching them twice enjoyable. I wish him and his lucky wife the best...

Hey mitch! Just completed your MVI architecture introduction course, I have learned a lot through this one and will look into other courses as well. P.S. That ListAdapter Template is pretty good. :D

Thank you Mitch: you provide a great learning path for becoming an Android developer. Strongly recommend for everybody !

Excellent courses man huge respect!!!

Thank you a lot Mitch, your courses are very useful, keep doing this.

I got a job thanks to Mitch's courses, and I have been for working three months now and I love it! Definitely, one of the best investments in my life. Thank you, Mitch.

One of my all time favorite instructor so far. I got most of my android knowledges from you. Love you mitch

Got placement as android dev .. just because I am having good knowledge of MVVM debugging and all ... And all credit goes to #codingwithmitch #big respect sir ..

Mitch, you are the best teacher. I got a pretty good position at one of the startups. Thanks a lot

Your YouTube channel help me a lot to grow as an Android developer and learn new things Thank you for creating it

Clear and to the point tutorials with excellent explanation.

I loved the "Dagger2.2+ on Android" course it was awesome and helped me to understand how it works.

Mitch helped me in developing realtime applications in android for different use cases.His courses evolves time to time by including the latest apis or frameworks from android. He also helps me to learn the new stuffs.

Mitch helped me learning Jetpack !!! He is real gentleman helping us learning android !!! Request you guys to please take premium courses if you like his videos. He is a teaching lot of things free so its our duty to at least return a favor. My individual thoughts. Thanks mitch, keep us updated with android knowledge.

The best.

Hey Mitch ! Im really glad that I came across your videos .. I started watching your videos since the instagram clone series.. The way you explain things and your placement of the code and files in project is really impressive .. I never learnt much from udemy(I took a course from there ) but through your videos now i'm pretty confident in android and doing freelance work in android field.. You are my mentor ! Thank you ❤️

Hii, I haven't taken any course from CodingWithMitch.com( sorry 😁 ) but I'm watching his YouTube videos for quite a long time, and recently I watched his Django Chat WebApp deployment video, and trust me guys it is one of the best videos that are available in the market and yes it is the one that is quite hard to find and plus point is it's FREE.

You are great! Your course on Dagger 2 in Android is perfect! Thank you!

Hi Mitch, Everything is awesome tutorials. Please post video about multi module with Dagger 2 videos . It will be helpful understand Dynamic feature modules

Great way of teaching with very positive vibe mate, thank you for this video, it's very useful!

your hilt course is awesome

Realy helped me to understand dagger for Android. Thanks.

Love your courses Mitch, have been following you for a very long time. May all your hopes and dreams come true.

Can't say enough good things about Mitch's work. His courses are so useful and there's no chance to regret paying for a subscription. Thanks, Mitch!

Hi Mitch, I am from India. You explained everything very clearly . It is awesome tutorials. Thanks for your efforts

So the only purpose I bought a month's subscription was that I was absolutely stuck with connecting websockets for Django channel redis and found mitch's video on Youtube. To put things into context I've seen many of Mitch's tutorials but have not had much of a reason to actually purchase a subscription, until this problem I had. He absolutely had the solution to my problem and it's worth every penny.

Hi, The course is useful, also post some advanced concepts

Thanks, Your courses are great and useful

Your lectures are the best !!

These courses are so educational. I like them :) Can you generate your English subtitles by yourself? Because my English doesn't very well. Sometimes I am sweating to understand. Except this your contents are amazing :) Thankss


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