Great job!

Hey man your are amazing I'm learned a lot from you

THANK YOU MITCH FOR THE BEGINNER COURSE FOR COMPOSE AND MVVP. When someone asks me to teach them developing android. I would highly suggest this cause I feel like this is must stepping stone towards to be an Android Developer.

Mitch thank you a lot, I really enjoy your accent and your topics helped me a lot.

Hi Mitch, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the helps you have been doing via youtube recordings. I have learnt multiple things in Android from you which helped me to grow in Android App Development. Thank you so much!

Hello Mitch, I want to congratulate for your excellent courses and content. You are really good teaching, explaining and making easy complex topics. I just subscribed for the monthly membership but i think that i will continue learning with your courses for long time. Regards

Hello, There are so many videos out there but if anyone is interested in clarity and eloquence, you are probably the king of that more especially for those with medical background like me. We are worlds apart but you have been right there taking me through deployments and everything else django

You are brilliant sir.. Your videos helped me a lot.. Thanks for making these videos

Dude is a rockstar. Have been following his content and learning a lot from Youtube and have been an avid subscriber from his first older SQLite course. Everyone covers basics apps but only Mitch covers what happens after you have learned the basics. I am proud to call him my Android mentor and a great friend as well. So my 5 stars are for both his Android content and nonyoutube personality.

You rock! Literally, you are one of the best I've seen so far that makes such practical courses, smooth and simple English that everyone could understand. And one thing I love the most, you don't just give an irrelevant example for new stuff (as most people do on youtube), but instead, you give a practical example in a real situation. Thanks, and I wish I met your channel years ago.

Great Job.

This is absolutely amazing, I was approaching dagger quite a few times but it never felt this clear. You make it a child-play really. Thank You, Mitch!

Best courses ever. Easily explained !!!

Hi Mitch, Your videos are very nice which helps tp understand the core concepts easily. Domain model concept in recipe app was really nice. I think its very useful concept any programming language. I have suggestion can you post your courses on Linkedin Learning.

Big like to you man!!! Love you videos. Learning a lot from them!!! Keep doing your great work!

Hi Mitch! Thank you very much for providing us the YouTube channel, I became a member of your website. Your courses help me a lot, I hope I can get a job with your courses. Thanks again!

Hi Mitch! Thank you very much for your youtube channel and free courses!!! Could you please write explaining 'comments' on top of classes, interfaces, functions, and so on ? For me, as a beginner, it would be very helpful to understand the logic and go step by step through the code. I know it takes more time to comment code, but it will really help. Also, can you make and show the schema image of MVI architecture but with a simple code example of the component on MVI picture, so we would be able to see not just the design picture, but also see code on that MVI picture. :) Thank you a lot, you're doing a good job man, don't stop !!!!!!

Like finding gold in the desert! What I've learned so far with the help of your videos has helped me along my Android journey so much. Hoping to have a job in this field soon!

your videos helped me a lot... having years of experience in developing Android applications, watching your videos was one of the easiest options to update my knowledge...

Currently rewriting an app from scratch and your video provide so much help on the current best practices. Very helpful ! Thanks a lot!

The google documentation on Dependency Injection using Dagger 2 is so useless. Thanks for explaining it in simple to understand terms. Looking forward to many more such tutorials.

You and your teaching style is awesome and understandble for any person.❤️❤️❤️

Such a help! Explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

I've learn a lot from you. This courses was great specially to the beginners like me. Thanks a lot MCTC(More Courses to come)

I recently released an app for my company, primary on the back of Mitch's courses. Android is constantly changing and although even these courses seem to quickly date that's just the nature of Android. From my perspective as a web developer making a mobile app for the first time, I found this invaluable. I've just signed up for a second year.

Hi mitch you are my idol but i dont have money to pay .Could you send me some video in kotlin to learn your coding style

Mitch is an amazingly clear and coherent teacher who is able to make courses that explain in an almost perfect amount of detail what people would need to write their own code well and know the reasons behind the code they write. I've been learning from Mitch since last October and it always good stuff! Keep up the good work!

Learned a lot of good stuff from his courses and youtube videos which really helped me a lot. Keep up the good work man. Appreciate it.

Thanks to you Dagger now seems a lot more easier than before.

Got the right stuff I realy wanted. Thank you for your awesome class Mitch.

Great presentation Mitch, understands the concepts perfectly. You are doing a great work

Your site is amazing, your courses help me a lot. from Brazil!!

Thank you for the courses. Honestly, it is very helpful for me in running my career in android application development.

Worth the money, and I've only been a member of his course for 15 hours. He teaches best practice even though he could more simply get away with not doing so. Highly recommend!

Thank you for good pronunciation, I even can understand something:)

Mitch is the best Android instructor i have ever seen , all the courses are so good quality with excellent English I recommend all of his courses also the premium one and thanks again Mitch your videos helped me a lot in my career <3

One of the best teachers I would recommend for android developers. I hope soon I will land on my dream android developer job with the help of your video tutorials. Your content is truly awesome with great explanation.

the company where I work is using Mith videos to train me on DI and I love the videos, it is helping me a lot.

Just completed the Dagger course and Mitch is hands down one of the best. The explanations are great and things which aren't related to the topic, such as caching or MVVM are provided in different courses or videos which Mitch points out. I really have a much better understanding of Dagger now and will be using it extensively in my projects.

I had tried to understand Dagger a couple of years ago but, not succeed. After then Mitch came as a hero and explained everything by his Dagger 2.0 course. Thanks to Mitch for helping me.


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