I cancelled my Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions and got Mitches subscription instead. Unlike a lot of other online tutors, Mitch is actually really good at explaining tough concepts. Really inspires me to continue coding and also improve my coding skills.

Great content for all level of mobile app developer, Great job Mitch.

Good job!

Hi mitch thanks for providing useful tutorials which helped me to improve in my professional life. Thanks alot...

Best Tutor Ever!!

thank you for doing this, you are the best sir.

Amazing courses!!! I'm currently going through a career switch and I definitely feel these courses set me up to for success.

courses of this site are very helpful, they can be used by any android developer

You helped improve my skills in Android

All the courses are great, for beginner - middle level. It gives you a baseline to start and also a direction to continue research.

Best free courses about Android development :)

I am surprised by such a comprehensive explanation and working code with every details touched and explained even if it is not related to the course ..just to help the pupils for theirs's future projects ..

very easy to follow and helpful

Very quick and useful presentation

I created clockdb.ca with the concept mitch thought me, it was fast and precise. Thanks Mitch.

Really Best tutor in Latest concepts

I love Mitch's videos. They are easy to understand. They helped me understand new Android tools

Great course

In our company, for training purposes, we use your videos from youtube and they are really helpful.

The explaination for the different complex concepts in Mitch's courses is very easily understandable. It helps a lot!

Mitch's courses really helped me stay up to date with the latest technologies used in Android. Totally worth the subscription!

Hi, am ahmed, currently watching your video on ui testing. it really useful,, there is this question i want to ask.. am just a trainee learning Android development, so we have a task to do and the task is base on unit test and ui testing, unit testing is about the email, phonenumber so the problem is, i want to display what the input pass in my activity to display in another activity, Thanks waiting for your reply

Mitch helped me understand Dagger Hilt

Mitch's course is helping me build an app for a possible promotion. I will make sure to update if I get the job. Learning a lot. Mitch does an amazing job of explaining everything, and if something is out of date, the comments are right there in his site and on YouTube with updated info. Super easy to get through these courses. Thank you!


Thank you for really good content

you are really helpful guy, thank you

Thank you Mitch for quality, up-to-date and professional courses

Really Amazing Content

Amazing content

Hi Mitch I am not able to renew my course for unit testing.Its showing gateway rejected.Please check with your brain tree payment gateway as its implement new security feature according to india or not.Please check and reply.

Love the classes. I was a python programmer and learned Django by myself and excellent classes like yours. I wanted to adapt your code to an idea I had and I ended up spending a lot of time on the upload and crop image part. Had to go back a lot of times trying to understand where images were stored and how. BEST CLASS!!!!

I tried working through the Udacity nano degree and it was so difficult to stay focused through it. I spent months on it and I eventually dropped it out of frustration, feeling like I learned very little. The elegance of Mitch's course makes it so engaging. I feel like I'm flying through it and understanding everything along the way.

Grate coding class per industry standards. Help to upgared my shelf in job

Thank for your courses, really useful and clear. Can i have question: can you implement "registerForActivityResult" to MVVM & Hilt as a module.

Thanks for your courses, they are so useful.


Thank you for your amazing courses.I've made a lot of progress. and i'm still watching your courses. I really love your MVI and Clean architecture courses

I finally got a job as Android Developer and I don't think it would happen this fast if it wasn't for Mitch's tutorials. They help me solve a lot a questions

There was a rockstar for my bachelor's because of whom what I am today and there is a rockstar for my Android because of whom am a Senior Android developer today and that is MITCH. How much more can I thank you, you have made my career grow to a different level. May God make more of ur race.


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You are simply the best!

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When I started learning Android I had a lot of ...

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Dude is an angel in my life. I joined an It com...

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