You are really having great teaching experience. Now, After watching the Dagger video tutorial. I'm very comfortable to inject Dagger in my projects. Thanks, Mitch for such good learning materials.

Great content! Thanks for the videos :)

You helped me of doing something good

I took the Dagger2 course, and it was simply awesome. Very clean, very dynamic, simply awesome. Thanks Mitch

Really enjoying the courses so far! Mitch is a very good teacher and I'm benefiting a lot from the membership. I'm using this course to help me design an app for the company that I'm working for and its been very useful so far in bringing my limited knowledge of android development up to scratch to begin designing.

Your courses are very awesome!.My colleagues also like it! Please don't stop))

By far one of the best content out there. My life's first course that I actually paid. Great stuff Mitch!

You are great Mitch. I followed you, learn from you and take my skills to the next level.

Super cool tutorials! I took the RxJava and Dagger2 courses and they are really useful. Thank you very much Mitch!

Great course. It kind of left one thing hanging about difference between using scope or not, but that one question could be easily answered writing simple app and just trying it out

Amazing android course. It really helped me a lot

professional instructor with a good tutorial

thanks a lot, especially in Dagger 2 Course, it helps me to understand dagger 2 completely

Mitch Dagger 2 tutorial help me a lot

I'm a beginner in Dagger. I've been looking for a tutorial that not only demonstrates code but also explains what every annotation is responsible for. Just great

Mitch's Dagger2 course is the best! It HELPS me A LOT!!

Great going bro. Your courses are definitely helping me improve the way I code.

You are really a very good teacher. I am looking the dagger course and its really nice. Great content!!!

You are a really great teacher, Mitch! Your Dagger2 course saved my life. Hadn't clearly understood how it works until I fully watched your Youtube course. Will definitely watch other topics and podcasts. Keep it up! All the best. Elvin.

Thanks so much for being my professor Mitch. I was initially concerned about the course content when I saw the syllabus , but once you began teaching, it came to me clearly.

I'm a professional software developer and Mitch helped me to extend my knowledge on Android in just couple of minutes. Great content!

Dagger 2 videos are really helpful.

Best resources i have ever seen . thanks mitch . Love from India

Really great videos, thank you so much ! Please keep up the good work :)

mithc I have a question for you You have video tutorials for clean Architecture in your tutorial for android?

good stuff

Becoming a member was the best thing I did this year! I could get really valuable skills through the courses I had access to. Can't wait for the new ones! Thx Mitch!

Awesome way to explain any topic.

doing my rxjava stuff ....amazing to see such a clean explanation .... thank you so much for Mitch !!!!

Mitch is an awesome teacher. His tutorials have helped me improve my basics. He makes it very easy to grasp new concepts. Absolutely recommended.

Thank you Mitch! The content in your video is really good. The best part of the tutorial is that you start with a blank activity and build upon it. That honestly makes the learning experience really satisfying. By the end of the course, I would know the meaning of each line of code in the project.

Hey Mitch, I followed your videos made on Dagger2 and RxJava, It's helped me a lot. A big thanks, you man...

Thank you Mitch! Your courses are awesome. They helped me make my code better!

Your courses are very helpful. They are simple and easy to understand.

Hello Mitch, your courses are amazing. Learnt a lot from it. You make things really simple and understandable.

hello mitch, i learn rxjava , dagger2, and mvvm retrofit and web django framework. it is so much easy to learning from your course . this week i started freelance career thanking you for your teaching i am big fan of you

Mitch you are best , you helped me to understand Dagger 2, MVVM , Rx java , single source of truth etc . If i don't any solution about android problem , i know where to find. Thanks

Thank you so much mitch, You helped me understand how to work with Dagger on Android.

Hello Mitch, I learn Dagger2, RxJava and RxAndroid. It's so much easy to learning from your course. I really fan to you. And thanks a lot. You are the best. You make everything easy to learn.

Hey!, Mitch your tutorials are helping me to build apps better than before. Could you please make courses on Android Services and Broadcast receivers?


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