I'm halfway through the Dagger2 course and I must say it's by far the most comprehensible course on dependency injection I've ever seen. It's a complex topic but Mitch is an excellent teacher. Apart from his teaching skills he's got a great accent which is a big plus for me as I'm not an English native speaker. I will definitely watch more of his courses.

Mitch is one of the best Android Developers who teaches from the ground level by showing practically and also by solving real-time problems. I would recommend joining the Android Community where he and other developers share some great ideas about the topics and content.

Best Android courses online, helped me build many real world projects.

Courses content are really awesome

Mitch is Awesome. thanks a lot for making a dagger course free. Learnt a lot of things and clear concepts. Thanks a lot.

I really appreciate the courses and all the input that Mitch brings to the Android ecosystem :)

I just have taken the Dagger 2 course by mitch and i can say he is very professional because how he explained Dagger (dependency injection framework) like difficult top in a very simple way that now i can completely create my own Android app using Dagger even in Kotlin, however the course was in java but mitch explained very well. Thanks Mitch!

The most current and complete Android course out there. Mitch carefully explains what he's coding and why so you're never scratching your head like WTF.

Awesome Courses. Really helped me out to understand the concepts which are not clear before. Especially The Android Dagger 2 course. Love it!

It really helped me to understand the code after reading a lot of blogs

Mitch Really helped me understand dagger with android, I've watched tons of videos and read tons of blogs, but could not put the puzzle pieces together, but mitch saved my life :)

Mitch 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Your MVI course is awesome! still i should take more time to fully understand it lol. still waiting for the powerful android apps course. since when using navigation component, i still don't get how to manage the backstack. still couldn't find a solution for the fragment being destroyed when navigate to another fragment lol.

This dude can code.

Finally understood how dagger works. Thanks Mitch!

Hi, thanks for the tutorials Where can I find a source code of Google Maps tutorials on YouTube?

Just finished up with the MVI architecture course. Eagerly waiting for powerful android apps with Jetpack. Thank you for such wonderful videos.

Fantastic tutorials Mitch. Keep up the good work!! Thank you!

I have seen many tutorials on the internet . But yours mitch.. is Beyond Perfection.

Very good job! I'm from web development are and I easily understand it. Thank you!

Great Tutorial Mitch. It's help me a lot. Thanks

Even though I've been using Dagger for years, I finally understood how it really works and how to use it properly.

Mitch you really helped me to get job. I owe you a big thanks

I've been a firmware engineer for over 30 years working with breakthrough technologies but am relatively new to mobile development. I was stumbling around out there trying to find an instructor I could really connect with and then fortunately found this site. I joined as a Founding Member and highly recommend you doing the same. I think Mitch is building something great here. The content is 5 star!

Mitch, great thanks to you for you doing your amazing and completely usefull courses and put it for free!! Its amazing that the best android courses in the world is for free!! You helped me a lot with getting familliar with android, RxJava and Dagger. Thank you one more time!!!

I read many articles/blogs on Dagger earlier before your course on Dagger 2 on Android. I would say this is the best one which simplified the things along with real example.

Mitch helped me to regain confidence in myself while building android apps with trending architecture and designs. I really suggest others to join Mitch Courses.

Great stuff man. Super easy explanation of basic but complex android problems developers face.. Thanks and lots of love from India

thank you so much , i watched dagger course 3 times and every time i found something new , i'm from Iran and it was hard to pay for the membership but i finally did it and i know that i'm going to be all around here till last course :D thank you mitch

I completed Dagger 2. 2 course and it helped me to understand dagger concept. Before that i have tried so many YouTube video and it is complicating the things. You keep all the thing simple and it makes learning easy. Thank you so much for your effort.

Mitch is the best reference in the internet to start understanding the most complex android concepts and ideas, i learned a lot from these courses (especially dagger2 , rxjava and jetpack).i enjoyed learning

You are a very good teacher. You keep it simple and pass the message. Thank you.

just completed the dagger 2.2 course. thanks so much!

thank you mitch

Thank You for Dagger2.2 course for Android!

it is very good content . thanks for your efforts

Amazing!! Best android course i have learnt !

Amazing content, especially the Dagger course. You can find a lot of tutorials or blogs on the internet, but I've not seen anyone explaining the latest version of dagger in video format and Mitch did a great job explaining it. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Great, Awesome course for intermediate and seniors developers . i had only one note is to add more details in some point about why we use it because the must of course videos teach how to the concept not why to use it. other wise i learned a lot from this course and add anew skills to my knowledge thanks for you effort

Your description of a topic is quite clear. In fact you don't hide if you are not sure of how the stuff works. Where some people technically avoids to accepts the fact. You are really a good teacher.


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