Such a great guy, such a great tutorials :) Thank you for all hard work you have done :))

Mitch is a FANTASTIC trainer. He achieves to learn complex topics in a very easy way. In addition, my english level isn't very good. It's REALLY HELPFUL his pronounciation, because I've understood 95% of his words. Other trainers talks so fast or use a non-basic english words. I hope you can continue doing more trainings during a lot of years! And it will be very interesting to add a "Clean Architecture" course, based in Fernando Cejas' blog posts, for example. Thanks for all Mitch!

Mitch, you are the best, thanks to you, RxJava and Dagger have become simple and clear for me.You make a great contribution to the android developers, I wish you good luck and prosperity!

Dagger 2.2 course is on point. You make the hard concepts easy to understand + practical examples help to dig into the topic even more. Keep up the good work ! :)

More than professional! Thanks Mitch!

i am find very difficulty to learn dagger 2 but mitch provide good learning ground for those who find difficulty in this course

ufff, Finally finished the course (Android Dagger) tranforming java code to Kotlin code . Now Google say "Stop to use android Dagger and return to Dagger " WTF.. jajajja , no problem I learned a lot of Dagger with you man. Thannnks!!!!!!!!!!!. im a member of your courses,

Mitch helped me get a job!!

Best android teacher on the web. No Doubts

Hello Mitch.You are one of the best instructor in android development.I register in your website and I enjoy from your tutorial like MVI. You Help to our team to refactor our project.Please continue to build interesting courses again and again. Thank you Mitch

awesome level course Mitch!!!

I am at a job , where the project is based on dagger. And honestly , only Mitch's Dagger course lectures are as per the structure of a professional projects. It's the best for a beginner in a company who has been assigned a real-time project.

Your Dagger course is great, keep going bro. you helped me to get Dagger.

Mitch, Thanks for all your help in Android tutorials. I am 10+years experience and your tutorials help me keep updated with the latest things in Android. Your teaching flow is awesome and the learner is like sailing in a smooth ship. Thanks.

you are my master now

Mitch helped me get a Job.

Mitch you are wonderful

I am 55 and full-time @home on oxygen therefore I cannot do the job I did before this happened, so I needed something to do to earn some income and decided a year ago I can program from home and started to use Mitch and others to teach me on YouTube and Subcription's like this, It is super helpfull, Thank you very much Mich. After the "Powerful Android Apps with Jetpack Architecture" Course I will have the last bits I need to complete my 1st App then I'll make 2 for the AppStore! I also wrote the backstack API in Kotlin (SpringBoot) first it runs on a Linode server on Tomcat (WAR)

Amazing courses, content and teacher. Mitch really helped me in understanding android development with practical examples and projects, and he is a really skilled teacher. Keep up the amazing work. Thank You!

Hello Mitch! Before registering, I was afraid I was gonna waste my money. But, now I feel that these are really awsome video tutorials. Thank you so much, buddy!!! You are saving my huge amount of time!!!


Although I am a teacher in an institute and I'm teaching basics of android programming, I'm still a learner and I will always be! Mitch really helped me to learn professional concepts of android programming. Thanks a lot.

I've been learning a lot of things, the courses very clear explained and also in constant renovation to be in touch with the new things that are added to android development environment.

Finally helped me to get job. I was doing job as an android developer since last 2 years in same company and was looking for the change but i had fear of fail. So i started watching videos mainly Mvvm and Retrofit etc. And got more confident. And got selected in other company with over 60% increment. Sir you saved me and when i will get my salary from new company the first thing i will buy the membership so i can get more knowledge on advance topic. Only one request please from now if you can create all videos in kotlin.

Just watched dagger tutorial in android. I' m in half of the course and already understand every part of the video. You are the best man keep it up!

Mitch done a really great job by making his tutorials. I love that he shows the practical cases, so I can use them in real projects. And he has a gorgeous beard!

I have covered the complete courses of Rx java. You did an awesome job. It have cleared my concept to bits regarding threading and how Rx java works and manage background execution on main thread. This would the best course recommended for Rx java.

you are the best mitch.wish I had so much money to give it to you I like all of your courses

I couldn't figure out how to use dagger and everything which i read about it went above my head but Mitch's tutorial about dagger got me through it..I have been following him since his instagram clone tutorial and all of this tutorials has always helped me.

Awesome tutorials! 5/5. Not that only topic is covered in all details with easy pace but also Mitch is sharing valuable info as he goes through the course, like, noticing some handy shortcuts or explaining some approaches which are not in the scope of the video but are really useful. Also, adds lots of real-world cases to show how it would work hand to hand with various popular libraries and best practices. I'm going to go through all of his courses. Thanks, Mitch, teaching is really your thing!

thank you for helping me with my work

Almost a week i read tutorials about Dagger and Android but can't figure out how to use Dagger in android. until i found Dagger2.2+Android course. In a day now i can use dagger in my android app. Mitch, you are amazing. I'll use every course you made.

Love from Indonesia, Keep it up man!

Mitch helped me a lot to learn latest Android features.

Thanks to Mitch, I was able to get a deep understanding of Dagger 2 and its functionalities. Best of luck and keep up with the good work, man. Regards.

Mitch = Best

Cool & knowledgable videos. Thanks a lot from an Android developer struggling to learn dagger in depth.

Great instructor

Mitch is an awesome teacher. Breaking complex topics into simple easy to understand components. Keep up the good work. And thanks for creating such a valuable content.

you are the BEST!!!!!


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