I am learning dagger 2 from his tutorial. Previously dagger looked very confusing to me. But while watching his tutorial, so far it is looking promising.

Mitch's content and applications in the courses are very useful. This is the best website for android development. It helped me so much and I became member on this website. Thank you Mitch.

I learn dagger from your tutorial. Thanks mitch.

Mitch your courses for real helped me to get a job while studying at university, I write my own project which I posted in my resume for work using your videos about google maps and also got bunch of other usefull knowledges, thank you!!

I had subscribed to codingwithmitch for a course. Then I cancelled my account in October. In November, my credit card was charged for codingwithmitch subscription. I had cancelled the subscribe, I am unable to access the courses, but I'm still paying for it. I appreciate your help.

Mitch is super star! how long publish a new courses ?

very useful courses with a good and clean architecture and applying the best practice in most utils

Thanks Mitch. You helped me a lot with Dagger 2 I wish you the best

Just concluded the Dagger 2.2 course, felt long but mitch helped me understand Dagger. I was really confused about Dagger and how to go about learning it. Now it's something I understand. Thanks mitch. Welldone man. Would recommend this course to someone that's wants to actually learn Dagger for android and has the time to do so. I can say the course is long cos he takes you step by step and you see all codes written and the app built. No confusion here. course was awesome!!!!!!!

Mitch help me to understand Dagger on easy way!

Good job !

You are one of the best Teacher in the tutorial industry, You are really honest ( in case if you don't know about some small thing), You explains very well. and also big THANKS to your Fresh Tutorial contents. I could have given more star but you limit that up to 5 only, it is too less you deserve much more than these 5 stars. * I remember you late integer in kotlin. <-- sorry for this

Your content is always fresh.Thanks for making awesome content.

Nice content! It helped a lot to understand Dagger's guts :D

Nice course. Good explanation. Beginner friendly.

You are the best, thank you so so much!

From Intern to Fresher in 3 months with Mitch. Thank you so much :D

Your tutorial helps me a lot. I just started watching your session in last few days.

You are a good teacher, thanks alot for your help. keep up the good work

Very good courses. Simple explanations, effective project structures and best practices. Thanks.

Excellent courses based on real world projects, clear and precise explanations.I have learned lot of new stufs that helped become a better programmer. Than you very much Mitch.

You've helped me a lot! Thank you for all this content :)

Time flies when I watch Mitch's videos. No other technical course made me feel this way. He makes complex stuff easily understandable. I look up to him as a teacher. I wish to be able to explain things as good as he does. I finished RxJava series and half the way through Dagger series. I'm eager to put my learning to practice in my apps.

As mitch as me to write a testimonial, I straight up here, I couldn't express how grateful I am to Mitch. I learn so much from this website, from Youtube, I even got a job from these courses. Thank you so much Mitch~

Your dagger course is on par with the best in the industry + it's even more "up to date". Thank you

I finally understood dagger thanks to Mitch's course! Thank you!

Awesome Work bro... Specially Rx Android And Dagger. You're doing awesome work. Practical Knowledge, great blog. A little advice provides subtitles for non- English background people. A little bit more theory :)

I highly recommend mitch! He's a good teacher and he explained very well every details of the code. Thank you so much mitch I've learn a lot from you!

I am currently working on a high scale project these days. we have started to change the structure of it and mitch's courses help me and my team a lot to solve our confusion. Thanks, dude!

Hey.. you really doing a great work Man! it's helping me very much and interesting to follow all the courses. your courses will make every one as un certified android master :) Good work keep posting the courses.

Thanks, Mitch, you are my go-to tutor for android!

Mitch is a great teacher, he will always help you when you need Nothing more but he is great

Mitch is a great teacher Thank you for everything <3 <3

Mitch is one of the best teacher I have ever seen.

I have got so much upgrade in Android development. Thanks, Mitch.

You're Great

I am an experienced Android Developer and Mitch's tutorial is at par with what I do at work. A full completion of this course will help new developers to understand Android fundamentals, if they get a job they can easily solve any problem that may come their way. I wish there was something like this when I graduated from college three years ago.

Mitch is helping me in learing dagger2.

Your teaching is too good some courses offered by you are out of bound.Mainly Dagger2 & RxJava I struggled weeks to get concrete knowledge but could not get proper view.thanks for your tutorial I could directly refer your tutorial and go ahead with any kind of coding without any stumbling.

Thanks Mitch for all your courses, you are the best :)


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