I really enjoy Mitch's teaching style. I have taken dozens of courses in Android development, and he is one of the best. The subjects of Dagger, Retrofit, and RxJava are difficult to teach without involving each other, and while it is still overwhelming, I feel Mitch did much better than other instructors.

Best tutorials on android one could come around on the web is definitely yours.

You're awesome. Learning a lot of things.

Thank you for the great lessons

Thanks for great lessons!! Thanks to your dagger videos, I improved myself and i will improve my project and I am definitely thinking it will help me future times. Thanks again.

Thanks Bro. Great Lessons.

Thanks for great lessons!! I like your way of exhaustive explanation of topics.

Please talk about services and broadcast and other component in android...

Thank you, I understand you. I don't speak English very well. You explain clearly, you use simple words.

Perfect Video for Beginner and thanks for Free course

Thanks a lot Mitch for great tutorials.I started my Android development six months back and with your contents I have really grown my understanding to advanced level.Looking forward to take your paid courses. Keep building such content and helping young developers like us to grow. Thanks

The way of explaining things is really what I needed to understand many important things. Before watching these lessons my apps were buggy and slow. Now they have improved too much. Thank you very much, Mitch. Best Regards!

Thanks Mitch. Helped me to understand complex topic to easy way. I love the way you teach.

Your tutorials are perfect! Thanks a lot.

Mitch is just awesome. I have watched all testing classes, clean-archicture, dagger2, and I cannot recommend it enough. He is a great teacher with a great content and very much aware of what people want/need to learn!

easy to understand and every app in every course is different and so funny. Thank you, Mitch.

Thank you very much Mitch. Very helpful stuffs.

Hey Mitch, Im really in love with all your courses, AWSOME WORK sir :)

Hey,i love your courses,especially your coroutin and hilt courses,unfortunately i cant register Because of the sanctions on my country , i really love to watch your clean architect course...😕

Recently, I bought the memebership subscription. I have already covered several courses and my level increased dramatiacally. I so love watching your vids

Hey MItch you are doing great job . All of your videos are quite easily understandable. Thanks

Mitch, help out to understand many android and software concepts I really appreciate his contributions to my life.

AWESOME! I really appreciate your work and I really like your tutorials , learned a lot from your tutorials and I have reffered to my colleagues as well.

I have 5 years of experience in android and still, I am learning a lot from you, I love watching your videos, they are very good. You are one of the finest instructors I have ever seen in my life

Awesome tutorials

I really appreciate your awesome tutorials, I've learned so much from your tutorials. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Mitch. I had to upskill myself on a project that had dependency injection and your course helped me understood the concept.

He is the best !

Really great material, Mitch has an awesome way of teaching, he has many great courses. Thank you Mitch!

Mitch is an excellent teacher. His courses helped me understand difficult concepts in Android development easily. Thank you so much Mitch. :)

Today I accepted a job offer as an Android developer, with no degree or experience. A big part of that was down to the concepts and skills I learned on Mitch's website. Cheers Mitch!

Hai Mitch, Thank you so much for the useful videos, they were really helpful for us to learn more about new concepts. you make things understand better with good examples. Hopping to see more courses from you.

hi mitch. thank you so much for doing this and helping us to improve our skills.your dagger course was awesome i saw that on youtube and i wana become a member of your website now.your doing great.

Thank you, Mitch, I do appreciate the hard work you do to provide good quality content for all android lovers and the way you cover all hard topics with so much detail and on top of it having a great explanation of yours make it easy for us to build a solid understanding!

The best thing was how you appreciated Coding in Flow dagger tutorial series in the beginning because I had just finished it before landing on this course and it was really good. About this course, I loved the idea of small project. I loved the pace. It was all nicely structured and it made dagger super easy to understand. I still need to do more practice but seriously man, Amazing Job!. After giving up a couple of times on dagger, I am glad I chose to follow this course and then the course itself hooked me. Thanks Again, Mitch. And good luck :)

I have been following Mitch for the last 1.5 years, and it's one of my favorite instructors on the internet in terms of android development. Even though there are many android tutorials on the internet, I always prefer to watch Mitch's courses because of his teaching techniques and up to date technologies. Highly recommended to everyone.

Thanks! best dagger explanation!

Extremely useful courses, it helps me a lot! Thank Mitch for your work!

Really great to watch. I confirmed this by paid the subscription.

very helpful content. Like a lot that is theory is showed with android examples. ex Dagger


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