Seriously, courses of yours are the best course I have ever watched. The way you explain, the content of the course, everything is really balanced, and even for people like me who are not so used to English Class, very easy to understand and useful. Thanks!

Hi Mitch, I just finish watching "Cropping an Image with Javascript and Python" I am following with great pleasure one video per day of your real-time chat course. They are perfectly balance, cristal clear and very much match my pace of progress. Thank you :)

Excellent integration of an android app with a django rest api, and the android app is in kotlin, and the REST Api web app is in django. Perfect for a hobby developer (having retired a few years ago as a C++ and SQL developer)

Best explanation ever!!! Mitch helped me learning about DI , patters .... Thanks so much

Hi Mitch. Thanks for great tutorials. I am your big fan ;) Could you do course on bluetooth connections? To make it easier, maybe with other mobile phone and some interactions between them. Like some simple chat or some simple 2-player game. Also I would appreciate if you could do some course about Android services and how to use them. Maybe some mp3 player, even when app is minimized? I haven't gone through all of your courses yet, so maybe there is something like this already there. Anyway, thanks for good couses. Regards. Peter

I have learned so many Android concepts and topics from Mitch. He basically converters boring documentation on any matter into intuitive and easy-to-follow videos. He has created a much more efficient way to learn Android. Highly recommend!

Hi Mitch, I want to say that I absolutely like how you present and you are a good teacher. My background is in REST API testing with Java and PHP and now I change my job to a company that does testing for the Android app and IOS app, and I have to learn how to test the android app because there are not like REST API tests. And I have to say that this course is priceless. Thank you for this course.

Sir I am from India. I am new to Android and mainly I watch you videos. They are all awesome. I watched the whole series on Instagram and really for both new as well as for moderate they are worth. Other than you I used to watch Coding In Flow tutorials. You both are great. Sir I always wait for the new upcoming. Currently I am watching a course on Dagger and again not a word. Thankyou for a great teacher.

Finished SQLite course just one week back ,it is excellent course. Now i am taking course on REST API with MVVM and Retrofit2. I completed half part of it ,the course is excellent and intresting until now. Please keep going mitch. We love to learn more things from you.

Great courses! totally worth it!, but I would like that you switch from MVI to MVVM as main architecture, in the real world, most of the companies are asking for MVVM and a very few asks for MVI (at least I haven't seen any company asking for MVI) but overall the courses are MORE THAN GREAT!

Hello I am new to study and Android applications course helped me a lot.

thanks Mitch just completed Dagger. it nice work and its easy to understand.

You are doing a wonderful job. Your method of explaining each and every concept is so subtle and simple that one yearns to learn more. Apart from learning Android development from you, I have learnt your art of delivering content :) and for sure I am going to use it for something good in life. Big thanks to you :)

Ok so I have been in mobile development scene for about 2 years and these tutorials are all the help I ever needed (well mostly)

bro, I love u and CodingInFlow I totally learn android from youtube and you both helped me a lot. tnx a lot I love you mitch :D

Thank you so much Mitch! I am an android developer and I was very glad to improve my knowledge and skills with your Dagger tutorial. It was very clear and organised. Thank you!!!

Mitch, huge thanks to you from Russia. I watch your courses and study Android using them. Thank you very much for your work!

Thank you mitch a lot. Your android videos are the best ( for me ). I can proudly say that my first project was based on one of your videos which helped me a lot. I do hope you create new videos with kotlin also.

You are the best mitch, I learned a lot of things from you. Thank You :)

I wanted to do a recap of everything to refresh my memory since I haven't worked on Android fore a while. Great Dagger course as it helped me a lot ! Thank you

You are awesome , easily understandable way of teaching

Hello Mitch! A couple years ago I have been watching your videos! Now I am come back to watch all of them/ Thank you for your time!

All the courses are reallyyyy Awesome.. I learned a lot from these courses ..Great Job.. Thank you so much

I got a job which required required 2 years of experience as a fresher all because of mitch and his amazing courses. All his courses are amazing.

All these courses from mitch taught me what my college couldn't. I have gained Industry level knowledge from these courses and trust me as a fresher I got a job which required 2 years of experience. I was able to clear the interviews and projects they assigned because I knew how to code it. It wouldn't be possible without all this refined knowledge.

Amazing Content by Mitch!! Really Helpful!

Best content on the Internet I have come across. Highly recommend if you want to learn industry level app development. Greetings from India!!

Hey, your Dagger2 course just changed how I look at that thing) All other articles are boring and too complicated, but you made it really easy. Thanks mate

i literally learned most of my skills(Dagger 2, MVVM,Room,RxJava, best practices, Google maps, kotlin best features) by watching this guys videos and tutorials.

great Dagger2 Course , i have learnt a lot from it thanks mitch

Very good Dagger 2 for Android tutorial.

The best native Android course available

u r so good <3

This is the best native Android courses I have ever seen

Great tutorial.... explaining step by step.... really good. Keep it up....

Awesome videos. I like the way you make your tutorials from the very start of the demo project until the end. Your explanation is great. Good Job...

Mitch! You are great at this, keep doing courses! I have no words to describe how much you have helped me. One of the best courses I have ever watched. Forever grateful.

Amazing experience while learning your Contents , really Brilliant , Organized and friendly that make you have an amazing teaching skills , keep Going bro

Thanks for creating such wonderful contents.Seriously your videos are really helpful in my career.

very good teaching, patient, explains everything in a clear understandable way.


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