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Dagger2.2+ on Android

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This course contains Dagger2 examples with Retrofit2, MVVM architecture, Android Jetpack's Navigation component, & more. (Java)

Here's what you will see in the course:

  • Every line of code is written and explained on video
  • Dagger version 2.2+ (Focus on Dagger-Android)
  • Dagger basics:
    1. DaggerApplication
    2. DaggerAppCompatActivity
    3. DaggerFragment
  • @Provides, @Binds, @BindsInstance explanation
  • Map Multibinding
  • Subcomponents
  • Scopes
  • Custom Scopes
  • @ContributesAndroidInjector
  • Activity Injection
  • Fragment Injection
  • ViewModel Injection
  • Retrofit2 and Dagger
  • Proper MVVM Architecture (Model View View-Model)
  • An intro to the new Jetpack Navigation Component library
  • And much more...

The course is free and available HERE.


Published: Aug. 2, 2021

Lectures: 37

Total video time: 05:39:18


Mitch Tabian

Software Dev