Course Demo
updated Aug. 2, 2021

Build a real-time chat application that tracks the gps coordinates of its users. The GPS coordinates are then used to build custom map markers (similar to snapchat).

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • Everything involved in enabling the google maps sdk and google directions API in your android projects.
  • Getting GPS coordinates of users and saving them in a database.
  • How to use a MapView object to display a Google Map
  • Animating and moving the camera view
  • Setting view bounds
  • Building a custom thread that retrieves gps coordinates from a database
  • Building a service that inserts gps coordinates into a database
  • Show a notification in the system tray while it’s using GPS
  • Build a runnable that retrieves the gps coordinates of all users in a chatroom every 4 seconds. Those GPS coordinates are retrieved from the database.
  • Creating custom map markers (known as clusters)
  • Retrieving distance and travel time information using the Google Directions API
  • Calculating different possible routes.
  • Adding polylines to a google map